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 HIKVISION Authorised Installer


deepXIT BlackHat EU, London


[deep eSupport] by TeamViewer
Windows, MacOS, Linux, iPhone/iPad iOS, AndroidOS



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Услугите, които предлагаме:

- Хардуерен сервиз на персонални компютри, преносими компютри, периферни устройства, непрекъсваеми токозахранващи устройства.
- Асемблиране на компютърни конфигурации.
- Проектиране и изпълнение на локални мрежи. Свързване към Интернет и настройки на мрежа и мрежова карта/-и
- Upgrade of computer systems and servers
- Продажба на модули, компоненти, аксесоари и консумативи.
- Technical and Sofware Consultancy
- Subscribtion Services
- Consulting, Installing and COnfiguring of physical computer periphery - printers. copiers, Plotters, scanners, etc.
- Installl and optimizing of all kind of drivers.
- Consulting, installing and configuring of AntiVirus, AntiSPAM, Firewall or another kind of protection suite based on individual client needs.
- Data Recovery Services
- Personalized support plan based on client needs
- eInvoice - Installation and consultancy for implementation and benefits!
- eProtocols - Monthly provided protocol of supported companies
- eDossier for every PC with history of interventions
- Electronic sign and Digital certificate consultancy and support
- Consulting services of use OpenSource software as encourageous effort to populate Open minded ideas and philosofy!
- Customa tailor-made servers and clusters with differential services on premise
- Domain reistration assistance
- Domain Hosting assistance
- Managing, Configuring and Support for public/private HotSpot WiFi
- Software for managing MAN/LAN/WISP networks and CATV operators
- Web Design assistance