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 HIKVISION Authorised Installer


deepXIT BlackHat EU, London


[deep eSupport] by TeamViewer
Windows, MacOS, Linux, iPhone/iPad iOS, AndroidOS



Трудните неща ги правим с лекота, невъзможните малко ни забавят.

PayPal Me

deep вече приема заплащане чрез PayPalMe
за всички клиенти най лесният и ефективен метод за получаване на качествена еПоддръжка.
моля следвайте линка: https://www.paypal.me/deepsupport


Project: deep OSVR and AR partnership
Status: in heavy development and prototypiing! Stay tuned

Cloudflare-Logo  APNIC-logo

Status: Finished, operational and deployed on all equipment!

European Union GDPR

deep fully accomplished new European Commision GDPR policy
We respect your privacy and protect all your personal data that we process.
Your personal data is processed only by deep (deep EOOD) and is not transferred to any third party!
Everyone has the right to use the rights of the data subject under the GDPR, such as requesting access, modifying or deleting his personal data, limiting data processing, and the right to data portability.

Nitrokey-Logo OpenSource Software OpenSource Hardware

Project: deep Nitrokey integration and implementation

  • Nitrokey Pro
  • Nitrokey Storage
  • Nitrokey FIDO U2F

Status: Full accomplished client requirements and fully operational and ready! Privacy solution out of the box


Project: deep NextCloud
Status: Install and configure a Nextcloud instance for SOHO/SMB segment


Project: deep Let's Encrypt CA
Status: Implementation of Let's Encrypt and CertBOT - succesfull and opeartional


Project: deep Syncthing Relay Server
Status: Finished and operational


Project: deep Traccar GPS Server
Status: Finished and operational

Проект: deep Open Surveilance Sticker v. 1.0 | Отворен стандарт за стикери за видеонаблюдение

deep Surveilance

Свободно изтегляне на AI/ODG файловете:

  • http://deep.bg/download/adv/zona_surveilance_horizontal-150x81_blank.ai
  • http://deep.bg/download/adv/zona_surveilance_horizontal-150x81_blank.odg
  • http://deep.bg/download/adv/zona_surveilance_vertical-150x81_blank.ai
  • http://deep.bg/download/adv/zona_surveilance_vertical-150x81_blank.odg

deep подкрепя използването на Отворен Формат за Документи - ODG (LibreOffice)

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