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deepXIT BlackHat EU, London


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Windows, MacOS, Linux, iPhone/iPad iOS, AndroidOS



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Cobweb Software - Providing a tailor made system for managing network operators

(Internet, TV [analog/digital], CONAX, PPV, LIVE, VoD, Parental Control, VoIP, Call billing, Scheduled Tasks, Technic Assigment, GEO location, Warehouse, Resellers, Invoicing, DOCSIS management, Electronic Payments, Contract Management and more)

VECO Computers - Innovations, hardware assembly, service center

LMG Computers - Sell and post-service of computers, servers and network equipment

ITEMA-V - Data Recovery Services

DATA 0101- Data Recovery Services

APOT - LAN networks and communication, PBX Panasonic

ArgoKontar - Active and Passive Structured Cabling Systems and Network Equipment

Traffic Broadband Communications - Internet Service Provider, FTTx

NetX - Internet Service Provider, TV, VoIP, FTTx,

NetIX - Internet Exchange Point Provider

Extreme Peering - Boost ISP speed and save traffic on P2P

Net Help Forums - A good place for IT knowledge sharing & help