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Project: deep Open Surveilance Sticker

deep Surveilance

Free download of AI/ODG files:

  • https://deep.support/download/adv/zona_surveilance_horizontal-150x81_blank.ai
  • https://deep.support/download/adv/zona_surveilance_horizontal-150x81_blank.odg
  • https://deep.support/download/adv/zona_surveilance_vertical-150x81_blank.ai
  • https://deep.support/download/adv/zona_surveilance_vertical-150x81_blank.odg

deep supports using of Open Document Format Drawing - ODG (LibreOffice)

Project: deep Kraken
Description: Full Mobile 360° Video Surveilance Trailer Platform

  • Complete 360° degree perimeter surveillance with Pan/Tilt/Zoom
  • up to 4 FullHD H.264+ inputs with industrial rugged mobile Network Video Recorder (NVR)
  • 32X Optical Zoom and 16X Digital Zoom lens
  • up to 500m IR distance (can be extended to 800m)
  • Thermal + IR camera continuously rotates and/or schedule to detect intrusions - PTZ
  • Camera features as an base (Patrol and/or Pattern Scan, Security zones, Autotracking, Electronic image stabilization, Automatic defog, Automatic lens cleaner and more!
  • Day or Night Wide-area coverage with up to 7.50 m above the ground with manual telescopic pole/mast (motorized is an option)
  • Full connectivity spectrum (GSM/3G/4G/LTE + WiFi) [fiber and/or lan network ready on request]
  • GEO position (GPS/GLONASS super precise 20 satellites sensor)
  • Local and/or Remote - LiveView and/or Record for all devices and all platforms
  • 24/7 Unattended operation provided by 900W solar panels included (Ultra Silent Power Generator on request as an option)
  • included industrial power connector 220V 50/60Hz
  • included Battery Pack can provide up to ~1500Ah capacity
  • IP66 guarantuee operational in extreme environmental conditions
  • Wide protection against Lightning, Surge Protection and Voltage Transient Protection incl. Vandal-resistant (IK10)
  • Wide working range From -40°C to 60°C
  • Camouflage color as an option (stealth mode matte)

The provided TurnKey Solution is designed for construction site surveillance, law enforcement mobile surveilance, safety training, police and/or private security, license plate recognition (LPR), parking lots, face detection and more

(exclusive and only for Bulgarian customers and clients with preorder)

DS-M7508HNI DS-2TD6166-50B2L/75B2L

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