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 HIKVISION Authorised Installer


deepXIT BlackHat EU, London


[deep eSupport] by TeamViewer
Windows, MacOS, Linux, iPhone/iPad iOS, AndroidOS



The difficult we do easily, the impossible little slow us down.

Everyone have a mision and vision, no one except us have a solution!

deepXIT demo on BlackHat EU/UK

Now we mantain tablets and smartphones

Scan the QR code for more information, the application allows remote support for mobile devices.

deep AndroidOS Remote Support

Scan for Google Android OS Remote Support Application

deep Apple iOS Remote Support

Scan for Apple iOS [iPhone/iPad] Remote Support App

Project: deep Open Surveilance Sticker v. 1.0

deep Surveilance

Free download of AI/ODG files:

  • http://deep.bg/download/adv/zona_surveilance_horizontal-150x81_blank.ai
  • http://deep.bg/download/adv/zona_surveilance_horizontal-150x81_blank.odg
  • http://deep.bg/download/adv/zona_surveilance_vertical-150x81_blank.ai
  • http://deep.bg/download/adv/zona_surveilance_vertical-150x81_blank.odg

deep supports using of Open Document Format Drawing - ODG (LibreOffice)

Project: deep Archivarium v. 1.3

deep Archivarium

Project for remote archiving solution with protected storage.

Project: Pirate Router 1n/0ut v. 0.1

1n/0ut Pirate Router 0.1

deep // VISUAL

deep against SOPA/PIPA/ACTA

21.12.2012@11:11 Expect us. Human[r]Evolution

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